Thermal electric stations

New technologies in thermal power stations by IQTEC

On the care background from the additional developments in dangerous, in case of emergency, nuclear fuel and nuclear power plants, the use of clean-tech coal in conjunction with modern technology reduce environmental risks as fuel becomes the best offer on the market TPP.

IQDEMY SA and SUN Energy company (with IQTEC brand) works on the market of modern technologies in a field of increasing TPP efficiency during last five years. During this time our team SUN which consists of professional engineers, partners in research institutions, builders and managers has created unique offer for the energy market of small and medium volumes.

A holistic offer of SUN Energy Company on installing and configuring modern energy efficient equipment for the heat and electricity generation includes several unique technologies for the industry to increase the overall efficiency of the plant to a record of 95%, its ecological and environmental friendliness and reliability. Among others, we can safely come to the question of fuel and offer several solutions based on our plants, and our technical support operates worldwide and provides a first class service to customers.

Thermal Electric Station by IQTEC from IQDEMY SA on Vimeo.

Distinctive features of TPP by IQTec:

  • Highest efficiency up to 95%.
  • First class of ecology while working, even on low quality coal fuel.
  • Working on solid or liquid fuel without structural changes.
  • Fast cold start, no energy loss on the heating boilers.
  • Enrichment of low-quality coal.
  • No need to use liquid fuel for heating boilers.

Fuel and power plants of SUN Energy belong to the class of universal TPP which are able to work not only on solid but liquid fuels including low-efficiency waste oil, as well as clean oil.

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Fuel preparation

Fuel burning

  • Image 01

    Coal preparation system

    At an early stage of preparation, fuel is reprocessed into small dust to enlarge the temperature of the combustion of fuel and increase efficiency.

    The quality of raw materials depends power and efficiency of the entire plant.

  • Image 02

    Fuel supply

    Reprocessed fuel into the combustion chamber in the form of fine dust for rapid burnout and allocating a higher energy.

    KSOMOD oven has a unique engineering design, which reduces the power losses in the chamber burned down to 5%.

  • Image 03

    Exhaust output system

    The exhaust system is equipped with unique technological innovations proposed by engineers IQDEMY.

    Reverse exhaust and filter systems so effectively filter the exhausted gases, that in final exhausing atmosphere enters only clean steam with little amount of exhaust gases.

  • Image 04

    Ash removal system

    IQDEMY Engineers provedes an automatic damping system and removal of ash from the combustion chamber.

    This system allows quick process of the fuel flow and environmentally delete unnecessary waste.

  • Image 05

    Steam turbine system

    Turbine spinning a heated steam is made of high quality metal alloys. And modernized system of movement uses the latest components to lubricate moving parts reduces friction of equipment parts.


  • Image 06

    Electric generator

    The high-tech electric works with 95% efficiency and is the market leader.

    Output energy reaches 2MW power per hour. That's enough to serve a small business or settlement.

  • Image 07

    Heat Extraction

    In the standard model of the IQDEMY CHP only two of the three installations can apply waste water for space heating.

  • Image 08

    Water return system

    Return system wastewater back into the reservoir to heat created specifically to withstand high temperatures.

    Condensing system works flawlessly even at maximum capacity.

  • Image 01 Preparations
  • Image 02 Fuel supply
  • Image 03 Exhaust
  • Image 04 Ash removal
  • Image 05 Steam turbine
  • Image 06 Electric generator
  • Image 07 Heat extraction
  • Image 08 Return system

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