Type: Holding company
Founded: 2012
Headquarters: Crans-Montana, Canton of Valais, Switzerland
Indusry: Thermal power systems, electronics, lagre-format equipment
Employees: 150
Website: www.iqdemy.ch

IQDEMY SA – international holding company with local business units in Europe, Russia, China and USA. The headquarters is located in Crans-Montana, The Canton of Valais – Switzerland.

Since 1998 our team of companies works on the market of franchising, large format printing, producing of control electronics for large format printing equipment, and thermal power engineering. Over the past 16 years of successful development the company has reached salient achievements in realizing different business-projects. You can observe IQDEMY equipment and technologies on more than 100 of the worldwide exhibitions in a year.

At the moment, IQDEMY Company is numbering more than 150 of top-ranked specialist in the sphere of franchising and assets management, project managers, design engineers and technical specialists engaged in the science-based development of electronic devices.

IQDEMY holding company has two R&D departments in Switzerland and Russia, Sales departments and Service centers in New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Dubai, Sochi, and partners in 23 countries of the world!


"Our mission is to help our partners reach success in business. And through this success fulfill their dreams!"

Vladislav Mirchev,
Recorded in the Emirates Airlines plane in the skies over Iraq.

Company’s developers are closely working with the largest business incubators and computation centers of Siberian Academic city in Novosibirsk, Russia. IQDEMY developments in the field of thermal engineering and chemistry are deeply integrated into the SB RAS, where the most advanced technologies in the field of efficient combustion of solid fuels are developed.

IQDEMY holding company also includes the DPS Innovations Company – developer and manufacturer of the control electronics for the digital color printing, as well as automation and control systems for small CHP.

At present, IQDEMY carries out the following projects:

  • Design and installation of small thermal power plants in Asia and Europe. IQDEMY in collaboration with leading thermal power institutes of Novosibirsk, as well as using its own electronics, has developed a highly efficient technology for thermal power plants. Currently, large-scale projects are in the process of execution in the Republic of the Philippines, Russia and Pakistan.
  • Production of the large-format printers and consumables using its own innovative technologies in printing control on leased areas in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, China, South Korea.
  • Development of the franchise network of SUN Studio art-centers for UV-printing, offering entrepreneurs and investors worldwide a joint investment in franchising. By May 2014 there are 130 SUN Studio UV-printing centers in 25 countries.


Company’s timeline:

Year 2012 – Present.

Company’s rebranding. A new brand of IQDEMY comes out to the market.

Under the new brand, in 2012, the Company presents a new large-format printer, first in the world using magnetic levitation technology - IQDEMY Maglev.

DPS Innovations releases a new iteration of the electronics for the Ricoh GEN4 and GEN5 print heads, offering new technologies of the stable printing in a photographic quality.
DPS Innovations begins to develop a system of automation and control electronics for MINI CHP.

In 2013, the company headquarters moved to Switzerland.

To optimize business processes IQDEMY launches the OEM manufacturing of equipment on the leased factories in different countries (South Korea, China, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, India, France, Russia).
The additional development center is opened in Switzerland (Zurich and Sion).

Together with R&D partners from the Siberian Academy of Sciences, the company started the production of innovative, environmentally friendly and highly efficient MINI CHP with power of 3 to 50 MW on the purified and enriched coal fuel.


Years 2010-2011. Brand new prospects.

The company continues to diversify its business in the framework of the strategy development and starts cooperation with leading institutions of thermal physics and thermodynamics SB RAS in the development of new technologies for the energy industry.
Production company already on sale in 70 countries all over the world.

R & D center in Russia is being reformed in a subsidiary company of DPS Innovations, which is already in a new form, creates the speediest electronics in the world for digital printheads Ricoh, Konica-Minolta, DIMATIX (FUJI-FILM), XAAR and others. Only thanks to the new electronics, the printing speed doubled even with the same number of printheads.


Years 2007-2009. Stable development.

In 2007, on FESPA 2007 exhibition in Berlin, the company has introduced two industrial printers with UV LED curing system and its own UV LED ink.

Since 2007, the company begins to participate in a large number of exhibitions around the world: dedicated both to the printing equipment, as well as noncore furniture and glass production exhibitions. In three years, we’ve visited the largest international exhibitions in the UAE, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, Paris, and USA.

UV-LED ink curing method has been patented on the territory of Russia, Europe, Japan and China. Considered are also applications to the U.S. and other countries.

In 2009, the first 100 printers of our own production were sold out.
Continuing the development of printing technology, the company opens first art centers of the future SUN Studio franchise network.


Years 2003-2006. New prospects.

Formation of the first long-term strategy of the company’s development. A formed team clearly sees its future and makes plans for further business development on the international market.
In 2003, the company decided to set up a department of industrial engineering and development, and one year later the team of top-engineers begins to develop a method for curing ink using UV LEDs.

In April 2006, on SIBREKLAMA exhibition, the company presents the world's first working prototype of the printer with UV LED curing system and special UV LED ink.

Simultaneously, IQDEMY team, while working under the brand of SUN Innovations, is expanding its presence on the market of large format printing and begins construction of its own chemical plant for the production of ink.

Cooperation with the leading Novosibirsk chemists begins to bear fruits in the first year of work, opening up new prospects for the development of this business - after a year, the first batch of ink under the brand "SUNflower" went on sale.


Years 2001-2002. Entering the market of large format printing.

In 2001, Vladislav Mirchev started to deal with the large-format printing equipment and came into the market as a representative of the brand Infinity - in 15 years of this business development, IQDEMY team has achieved stunning success offering the best equipment for UV-printing up to now.
Printing market progress leads to the need to develop the service and product quality. Therefore, in 2001, the company organizes an international service center for the milling equipment and digital printers’ maintenance. More than 50 service technicians serving customers in different countries.


Years 1998-2000. Company’s Formation period.

Company’s foundation in August 28, 1998 by Vladislav Mirchev, now president of the IQDEMY holding company. Under the brand «SUN» the company started dealing with advertising materials and in 2000 entered into the partnership with the largest consumables manufacturer from China.


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