Technologies of the fuel burning

Several key technological innovations in working SUN energy TPS related exactly to the fuel burning process. Working arm in arm with leading in the area of thermal physic researches institutes of the Russian Academy of Science let to us to improve characteristics of reliability and effectiveness of the TPS many times and also extend capability of the TPS .

Plasma-coal kindling of boiler without using of the masout

  • Start working of the boiler in 15 minutes.
  • Foel oil not use.
  • Increases completeness of combustion of the coal.
  • Reducing of harmful emissions (nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and vanadium pentoxide).
  • For TPS is no need starting boiler-house.
  • Economic effect of the change masoute by coal is 0,75 (value of changed masoute – value of the coal).
  • Possibility of using different kinds of industrial grinding coal (lignite, coal, anthracite) without reworking.

S.S. Kutateladze Novosibirsk research institute of thermal physic works up special setting “Plasmagenerator”,which allowes to kindle boiler and arrive at production capacity from the “cold” condition in 15 minutes. In the construction of the setting using complicated system of the air and air mix supply to the plasmatron – special element, which heating up the mix to the plasma condition.  At the end process plasma sets fire in many times quickly, effective, and independed from the fuel quality.

Plasma generator is energoeffective, for its short-term working is need 500 K.W.H.

Technologies of the without soot burning

  • Working use both solid fuel and foel oil, even low-cuality
  • Fuel  airing for improving quality indices of burning and efficiency
  • High reliability of the setting elements
  • Patent of Russian Federation  №2219435 «Method of burning fuel without soot»

One more clear improving TPS from SUN energy is using burner of without soot burning – this is one more elaboration of Thermal physic research institute. Burner is create on new method of burning ill-conditioned fuel, as this fuel may use waste oils, lubricating compound,oil sludge and other consists hydrocarbon waste (suspension from concentrating factory, coal processing screening etc.).

In comparison with classic burners, this burner have better ecological characteristics, works in any weather conditions (wind, rain, snow etc.)$ don't need constant scrutiny, have a great resource, fire-safe.

The most important technological improve of the TPS by SUN Energy company is combined using both technologies, which join with the synergy effect extends quality characteristics off the TPS, especially effective of the setting of fuel burning.

Fuel activation technologies

  • Fuel burning activity increase without additions
  • Reducing of the ash sediments and harmful emissions to atmosphere

S. S. Kutateladze Novosibirsk research institute of the thermal physic, which based in Novosibirsk city offers for new SUN Energy TPS special setting, which increase significantly activity of burning of the solid fuel. "Cavitator", or fuel activator is placed in fuel supply system and use unique method satisfies coal-water mix by oxygen. In the burning process availability of the oxygen with water in the fuel composition is sharply raise temperature and, accordingly, the speed of burning  of coal.

 Among other things, high activity of burning results to minimization of sedimentation of ash in the stove and reducing of harmful emissions to atmosphere. 

Pneumatic sprayers of fuel feed

  • Increase of the durability of the sprayers to one year.

The second important improving relates to usual problem of working coal TPS – quick failing of the fuel feed sprayers.  ТЭСIn splite of preparation of water-coal mix, where fine grinding is mixed with water, practically using usual sprayers results to sprayers fails after several days of non stop working.

Creation of Novosibirsk research institute allows to crack a problem of direct contact of fuel mix with sprayer mechanism using energy of compressed air. Using of pneumatic sprayer in SUN Energy TPS increase durability of sprayers from several days to 3000 hours of non-stop working!


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