Technologies of fuel enrichment

The new technologies in installations of SUN Energy begin from the stage of fuel preparation.

The fuel quality directly effects on the entire efficiency of TPP, so it’s very important monitor the quality of supply, especially if the plant runs on solid fuel as wood coal.

In areas where there is no possibility of obtaining clean coal with minimum allowable parameters, the fuel enrichment procedure is produced. The vast majority of TPP uses the "wet dressing" or flotation. Thus there is a high consumption of fresh water, the availability of which in some regions of the world is becoming a problem for normal operation procedure of enrichment.

In warm climatic regions, which are water-stressed and have low quality coal, the power plants operate at maximum efficiency from 30 to 40% - This is the maximum that can be achieved when using classical technologies for the low-quality coal.

There is another problem faced by TPP in such regions over the world, this is an assessment of the degree of environmental emissions and waste from thermal power plants - the quality of the waste material is not recyclable, which must be removed. Frequently, the work on solid fuel involves requirements to export large amounts of ash deposits remaining after combustion in the boiler. 

SUN Energy together with Russian partners applies at TPP the technology of dry coal beneficiation. By this method the system of centrifuges are used which process the incoming coal and decrease the ash level in the fuel.

For example, the coal wash class of 25-50 mm is obtained with low ash concentrate, ash content is A = 11%, an average concentrate ash content is A = 17%, industrial product with ash is A = 45%, and tailing is A = 78%.

In this system, fresh water is used as an auxiliary cooling material for enrichment technology which significantly reduces the level of its consumption. Among others, dry enrichment technology significantly safer for staff, does not harm the environment and is effective as the wet method of enrichment at a reduced cost.

As a result, it reduces the flow of fresh water to raise the energy content of fuel and reduce the final cost of enrichment coal.

The technology of dry coal:

  • Significantly reduce the consumption of fresh water
  • Increase efficiency of solid fuel
  • Reduction of ash deposits in the combustion process
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