Technologies of TPP projecting

TPP of SUN Energy is not a not a serial product and is created for a specific client. This does not effect on the final price, but allows better assess customer needs, take into account the quality of the fuel, the convenient location of the installation, the output characteristics.

First of all, We focus on the correct adaptation of the equipment under the conditions of its use, so to bring the efficiency of thermal power plants to the maximum level.

Our experts conduct detailed audit of potential installation location and collect project data for fine tuning systems to ensure operation of TPP. To do this, we use modern equipment and a complex mathematical model of calculations handling of fuel products and electricity generation. 

Based on the analysis, our experts can tell you about which the maximum efficiency possible for your type of fuel how you can increase caloric output, using our technology; engineers also calculate for you the actual output power capacity, taking into account your needs at allocation patterns of heat and electricity consumers.

In addition to that, managers of SUN Energy together with business analysts IQDEMY provide an economic calculation of cost-effectiveness of TPP, based on the collected data.

At the stage of audit and modeling you will know exactly how your TPP works.

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